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Touchscreen unresponsiveness - iPhone X

I am facing the same issue as some of the other users. It’s a fun game but I am playing this on my iPhone X and I have to press certain mini robots like 10 times to activate them. Even the menu options some buttons are unresponsive. I have the press the same thing a few times for it to respond. I keep losing levels because of the time it takes to activate and position robots and I get really frustrated. Please fix this soon or I may not want to play it.

Unresponsive at times

I enjoy the game but every now and then, and especially the higher up I go, the game becomes unresponsive to when I try to select my bots to deploy. I then have to force close the game. If this continues, then I will delete the game. I have a 7 Plus.

Fun game

Good casual defense game. I find these games are a dime-a-dozen and this one is a solid contender. My only complaint is the touch controls have a few glitches, however I believe these to be ios11.1.1 related as I have similar glitches throughout the os. Happy playing!

Great Game!

I Love The Idea Of This Game I Can't Stop Playing It Now! The Characters That You Fight And Receive Look Cool And All Have Unique Fighting Skills.

V 1.1.1

Having a lot of issues with the game. I can see that the app “recognizes” my touch, but no action is done. I have to tap multiple times but it gets me nowhere. I was running an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.1 but recently updated to 11.1.1, haven’t re-downloaded the app to verify issue still exists.

Seems fun, but unplayable due to tap bug

I cannot select things half the time. The icon will show (by moving or flexing) that it is being touched, but sometimes I have to hit the button 20 times to get it to select. This is the same in game for selecting robots, in the menus for selecting done, for trying to pause. I don’t know any way that this passed any testing. I am using an iPhone 7Plus and the newest 11.1 iOS. Please fix, I like the game when I can actually play!

To good to be true

The game is so good and I just started. Amazing texture. One more thing. Please add more worlds.


Just really fun. Recommend to all, really.

If u like TD1 you will enjoy this

I miss the sweet 2d look of the first game, but no other complaints. Yeay TD2

I love picsoft!!!!

I have all 3 games and I love picsoft! Thank you for existing!!

Great game

Same great gameplay as the first Tiny Defense

Way better than I thought.

I loved the first game and have been waiting for this for a while. Basically, if you liked the first one you'll like this one. It's different, yet just as much fun to play while taking a deuce.

Ok game, but not the same

When I loaded up Tiny Defense 1 and saw the ad for TD 2, I was super excited. I immediately bought the game, expecting a continuation of the first game. I'm not far in the game, but I find the experience underwhelming after the first game. The sequel doesn't have the same charm the first one had. The music, the setting, the animation, all of it is awry and different in a way I don't like. It feels more mass produced, almost. Less creative and artsy, like the creators didn't have as much fun making it and just pushed out another game. Something obvious about that is the omission of a robopedia with all the fun entries. Sure, in TD 2 they have a robopedia, but it just has the stats and a basic description of the monotonous. In TD 1, there was a fun bio for each of the characters, like the Missiler bot having been a paper boy and Remover bot being really picky about shoes despite not having feet. I enjoyed reading those, and was super excited for a whole bunch of new bios for new characters, but there weren't any. The settings, unlike the first game where everything was bright and cheery, and the player felt like they were defending an innocent and previously happy world against the evil machines making factories and resorts out of the whole place, TD 2 feels more like a war, and a lot less cheery. And of course, the first three times the machines came in the first game, they were trying to clear the land for a resort. What are they on the Green Planet (which isn't very green or diverse anymore) this time? And how come the Green Planet is entirely built over now, or at least for the first two worlds. The two look almost exactly the same, while in the first game you had a whole bunch of different environments with different and unique challenges. In TD 2, everything feels like the Iron Fortress. Overall, the gameplay is good and the new robots are neat. I just can't find the charm of the first game in this one. It's just that the sequel is very different from the first one as far as artwork goes, and not in a good way. If you are looking to buy this game solely for the gameplay, it is for you 100%. If you like the extra fun little bits and elements of charm and artwork, the first game is definitely for you. Regards and best wishes to you, Picsoft

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